Nathaniel Swain

Nathaniel Swain is Researcher and Speech-Language Pathologist at Parkville College — the Victorian Government School educating young people in contact with the youth justice system. Nathaniel is interested in language, literacy and learning - as well as effective and engaging teaching for all students.

Nathaniel's PhD Research was a language and literacy intervention project for young people in contact with youth justice.

Nathaniel teaches, writes, and works with children and adults with communication difficulties. He's passionate about education, communication and social justice.

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PhD Research

Nathaniel conducted a year-long study in the Parkville Youth Justice Precinct in Victoria, Australia. Following an assessment study with 27 young people, Nathaniel worked with four individuals on their language ad literacy skills, and measured the impact. The study evaluated the extent to which one-to-one speech-language pathology intervention improved the language skills of young people in custody. Nathaniel’s research makes a substantial contribution to the evidence of the efficacy of one-to-one SLP intervention in youth justice. This research indicates that, despite substantial barriers, there are opportunities for effective and responsive SLP services in justice settings.

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