Top 10 tips for getting organised

Top 10 tips for getting organised

A new financial year beckons, and it's the perfect time to take stock of how well we've been managing in 2017.  

    In this #alwaysconnected, #alwaysbusy world, I find it often feels less like *organised chaos* and more like chaotic attempts at organisation. 

    Self-Organisation has become an intermittent obsession of mine – during my quest to finish my PhD research. I've wanted to write about this possibly bland topic for the last year or so; Not speaking as an expert, but more of an active participant in my own experiments.

    I've spent weeks trying to develop habits to save myself time. Some things along the way have been game changing. I hope this blog is useful for you, in work and in leisure.

    So here are my Top 10 most valued strategies and tools, which make my life feel more organised...