RtR #1 Lost for Words

In the Read the Research series, I’m putting together bite-sized overviews of new research, aimed at practitioners and researchers working with young people on language, literacy, and learning.

Winstanley et al. (2019)

A very accomplished colleague of mine from the UK (Dr Maxine Winstanley) has just published new research with her UK colleagues.

Maxine had a career as a police officer before training as a speech-language pathologist and undertaking a PhD. Like me, she was shocked by the high rates of communication difficulties in youth justice. Around 50-60% of young people in contact with the justice system have Development Language Disorder - this is a condition where people have severe difficulties understanding or expressing themselves using spoken language.

This new paper is based on her work with young people in the north of England – mostly as they first make contact with the youth justice system. Here’s a brief overview, relevant for all working (or interested) in the youth justice space.